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FIFA 20 Review

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I’ve had to reassess the way I’ve played FIFA this year, which is something I haven’t had to do in many years through all the tweaks, changes and so called “game-changing mechanics”. FIFA 20 feels different to previous years; in ...

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Pixio PX5 Hayabusa 240Hz Monitor Review

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The world at large is finally catching up to something gamers have known for years⁠—Esports is the real deal. Thanks to the high production value of Blizzard and Riot tournaments, big networks like ESPN are seeing its legitimacy and getting ...

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WRC 8 Review

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Though it’s been through some hard times over the past 19 years, KT Racing’s WRC series has been steadily improving since the French development team’s tenure with the license began in 2015, and WRC 8 represents its biggest leap in ...

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GreedFall - Final Review

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GreedFall is almost everything I want out of a big, juicy, old-school RPG. While it’s still lacking a lot of polish, the exciting combat and excellent, complex quest writing bring it very close to that winning formula of a mid-2000s ...

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