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The Culling 2 Review

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Share. This game is a royale mess. By Steven Petite It took three matches filled with endless running, picking up guns I wouldn’t end up shooting, and a whole lot of silence before I saw another living soul in The ...

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Danger Zone 2 Review

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Share. Feel the Burnout. By Ryan McCaffrey The highway to the Danger Zone is, in fact, an actual highway this time. Danger Zone 2 is, in everything but name, a direct successor to the beloved Crash mode in Burnout Revenge, ...

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Earthfall Review

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Share. There’s not much reason to play this derivative co-op shooter when Left 4 Dead 2 already exists. By James Duggan Frankly, I was never able to successfully shake the phrase “Left 4 Dead, but worse” from my mind during ...

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