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Battlefield V - Multiplayer Review

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Share. Some great new ideas move combat in the right direction, but glitches and half-baked features reduce the glory. By James Duggan Welcome, Battlefield fans! This year, we’ve broken up the review into its single-player and multiplayer components to give ...

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AOC AG322QC4 Gaming Monitor Review

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Share. A curvy behemoth. By Matt Elliott Be sure to visit AOC AG322QC4 Gaming Monitor – Design and Features The AOC AG322QC4 looks like a gaming monitor, but only if you want it to. It offers two gaming-centric features; LED ...

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Warframe Review

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Share. Warframe isn’t an easily approachable game, but it’s one that’s worth getting comfortable with. By Tom Marks [Editor’s Note: With Warframe about to release on Switch on November 20, we’re taking a fresh look at the whole game. We’ll ...

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HTC Vive Wireless Adapter Review

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Share. Worth the cost to be wire-free. By Whitson Gordon Be sure to visit HTC Vive Wireless Adapter Set-Up First, you’ll need to install a small PCIe 1x card in your PC, and a cable that connects to a webcam-like ...

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Overkill's The Walking Dead Review

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Share. This brainless kill-fest isn’t much of a crowd-pleaser. By David Jagnaeux Overkill’s The Walking Dead is an earnest attempt to deliver a cooperative adventure set in the iconic Walking Dead universe, but that effort feels a bit like it’s ...

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